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The Clam Pillow is the first-ever pillow designed to arch over your head to calm you to sleep


Treat your head like a pearl.

Join our voyage today and get that restful night sleep you've been dreaming of!


The Problem

The Solution


Block out

morning light

Buffer the noise

Escape of the mind

The sense of security and safety

The ultimate calming sensation

The Clam Compromise

The Clam Pillow is expected to ship December 2019. By pre-ordering you will not be charged until the item ships. You may cancel your order prior to shipment without penalty at any time.

As part of our promise to deliver you a quality product which will dramatically improve your sleep, we offer a 30 night trial period of The Clam Pillow. You may return the product at no charge, no restocking fees, and free return shipping. 

30-Night Trial

Free Shipping & Returns

(US Only)

4 Month Warranty

How We Got Here

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If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep the reasoning why is typically the same. Loud noise, bright light, and stresses from everyday life are what most people will say. However it can be more simply stated as being a sensitive sleeper.

Currently, there are thousands of products on the market designed to help you fall asleep or stay asleep. But It's challenging to find a product that will minimize all sleeping deterrents. For these reasons, most people resort to  sleeping with a pillow over their head. 


A pillow over your head is an escape of the mind. Not only does this reduce light and noise, it also provides a sense of security and safety.  It allows you to enclose yourself in comfort and block out the outside world. The slight pressure on your head lets you decompress and ease your thoughts. It provides a calming sensation, which enables you to sleep.


However, using a standard pillow over your head does not always result in the best sleeping experience. Standard pillows are bulky and can be suffocating at times. They also fall off in the middle of the night and worst of all, standard pillows are flat, which restricts full coverage of the front and back of your head. Hence, The Clam Pillow was born. 


The Clam Pillow is Born 

The Clam Pillow is the first pillow designed to securely arch over your head and be that perfect calming sensation. 

It blocks out little bit of noise, a lot of light, and all your stressful thoughts from the day. 

The Clam Pillow is made of perforated memory foam and has punctured cutouts to allow heat to escape. Whether you like to sleep on your side or back, our patent pending design will allow you to breath effortlessly. 

The Clam Pillow features a stabilizer, which enables you to tuck a portion of our product underneath your favorite bed pillow to keep it secure throughout the night. 

Also, The Clam Pillow's removable and machine washable quilted cotton cover provides easy maintenance and our compact drawstring carrier enables you to take The Clam Pillow anywhere. 

Thank you for all your support!

The Clam Pillow is Patent Pending and Trademark Pending.

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Autism Sleep Studies


A portion of all proceeds is donated to autism foundations to provide better studies and methods to assist with sleep deprivation related to this disorder. As many as 80% of individuals with autism are also diagnosed with sleeping disorders. Our fund will be used to research methods to improve the quality of lives of these individuals through sleep. We also believe The Clam Pillow may have a great impact in providing autistic individuals with a better quality of sleep as well and are currently undergoing studies and trials to test this theory.


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